Monday, August 10, 2015

Fourth Anniversary

Well we made it through another anniversary! For our anniversary every year, Richard and I always like to go out and do something together instead of buying presents. This way we spend money on making memories instead of a thing we won't use in a years time. I love this tradition we have going. Originally this year we were going to go down to San Antonio for the weekend and changed our minds since it was going to be super hot and we already have a lot of travel coming up. So we will save San Antonio for a different weekend.

We started our anniversary celebrations on our actual anniversary(Thursday) by heading out to both lunch and dinner together.

On Friday, we went out to dinner again (sensing a theme?) to a burger place near us. The burgers were amazing, Richard says the best burger he has ever had. They also had a large beer selection, so we need to remember this place for the future. We then met up with some friends to try out a new bar that serves flights of beer. Such an interesting concept considering my husband likes to try a bunch of different beer.

Saturday morning, we headed to a local vineyard to help them harvest grapes for wine making. It was cool to see how the grapes grow and what goes into making wine. We picked enough grapes to each fill a five gallon bucket, then we brought them into their cellar to pull off all the unwanted grapes such as those that were shriveled or green. Once they were cleaned up, they went into a machine that would take them off the vine. From there, the vineyard adds yeast and lets it ferment to make wine.
Once we were done at vineyard, we just had a do whatever we want day. We headed down to the galleria mall but that ended quickly when we realized we did not want to buy clothes. Of course we got more food-duh. This time philly cheesesteaks in Texas at a place called Texadelphia. Yum.
We then headed to a fun downtown area close by where we found antique stores and other fun shops to check out and walk around. We found some great stuff for our house, you know whenever we find the time to actually hang any of it. The white sign reads "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I am living my baby you'll be." This book was my mom's favorite book and she always read it to us as kids so I love that I am able to hang this up so I can see it every day! We also finally found a kitchen table for a good price which means we have one more furniture item checked off our list! Woot!

Sunday, we spent the afternoon with some friends going to an indoor ropes course. It was really fun and tiring, but I would love to do it again. It was nice that it was inside the air conditioning because I think we would have died otherwise. It's definitely hot in Texas. Getting across those tires was the hardest course, but it left a feeling of accomplishment when we finished. Also, we played blacklight dodgeball and you had to knock over a cone with a dodgeball to win and I totally did that to win one game. Yes I am bragging, but I am not usually the person who helps win at these types of games.
We had a great anniversary weekend and were able to spend a lot of time together as well as with some friends. One of our friends is moving to Chicago for law school so this is the last weekend we will see her so we made the most of it.

We also have a tradition of taking an anniversary picture each year. We started by having the previous picture in a frame with us, but on our second anniversary we stopped that. We had a little bit of an issue (ahem, Richard) so our second anniversary picture is not the best. But going forward, we want to take a nice picture together and see the years pass by. Here are the last four years of pictures staring with year one, all the way through year four.
Here's to four years and many, many more to come!

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  1. Well, these are some most romantic and lovely pictures I have ever seen over web. These are full of love, innocence, compatibility and more. I loved the couple very much. Wish you a great time ahead.



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