Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DIY Wedding Garter

Well it is officially wedding week for my baby sister! So much to do and so little time. This week is going to fly by and I am super excited for this weekend. It is going to be so fun and I can't wait!

Before I came to Minnesota, my sister asked me to make a garter for her. I ended up making two, one to throw for the garter toss and one for her to keep.
I started out by going to Joann Fabric to buy stretchy lace that is sold by the yard, chiffon fabric, silk fabric, felt and pearl buttons. Total for all of that was less than $10.
I started by making the chiffon flower with the bead in the center. I cut a circle out of the felt to make the base of the flower. I then cut a strip of the chiffon, folded it in half and ironed it so it would stay folded.
From there, I started by zig zagging the fabric and would secure it as I went. I sewed around the circle until I got back to the beginning and then tucked the edges so you could not tell where it started.
Once the edge of the flower was in place, I had to fill in the middle so you could not see the lines of what I had sewn. I used the same folded piece of chiffon and sewed the folded edge along the edge of the zig zag pattern. By doing this, I was able to hide everything that was not finished looking. I kept going in a circle until the entire middle was filled and then I secured the button in the center.
Next, I had to make the rosettes for the other garter. I made one large one and one small one. This was a typical rosette flower so I won't give a detailed description.
Next, I measured my sister's leg and I sewed together the stretchy lace that I could then attach the flowers. I used a second circle of felt and then hot glued the flower on top of the lace and the felt underneath the lace. That way I had a nice sandwich with lace in the middle. I repeated that same process for the rosette flowers except I needed enough felt for both flowers to attach.
Ta-Da! All done! I love the flowers and I think they look great together. And my sister will have an awesome homemade item to wear on her wedding day!
Now onto the wedding day festivities!

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