Thursday, July 16, 2015

House Tour

Welcome to our house! We are completely in love with this house and you will see why here soon. We have some plans in the works for updates on the house, and have already started some of them. But this is the house before we really started moving in so it is empty but it will be fun to see where we started.
Our favorite part about the front is the great porch. We can see wooden rocking chairs in our future.

Front Entry
The front entry is two stories high and you can see it from the upstairs landing.

Dining Room
The dining room is to the left when you walk through the front door.  We don't really have a need for a dining room nor do we want to furnish one, so for now it will probably stay empty. Maybe some day we will make use of it.

The office is one of the things we loved about this house. The french doors lead to the private office space complete with built in shelving.

Front Hall
The front hall is just beyond the dining room. We may add some seating with room to put shoes or hang my purse or something since the door to the right below is to the laundry room which leads to the garage. Also, I love the look of the exposed staircase!

Living Room
The living room is just beyond the stairs. From the living room we can see into the kitchen which is an added bonus. The archway in the living room leads to a half bath and the master bedroom.

The kitchen space is amazing! I did not even know what to do with all the cabinet space. We also have a pantry behind the double white doors and the stove top is part of the island. From the sink, we can see into the living room, so I can do dishes while watching TV. Score.

Half Bathroom
The half bathroom is just off the living room so our guests can use it without having to go upstairs.
Master Bedroom
The master bedroom is just across from the half bathroom off the living room. We love the bay windows, they add so much light! Also, these windows as well as all the windows in the house have amazing wooden shutters!

Master Bathroom
The master bathroom is part of the master suite. All the way at the end is the master closet. We have both a glass shower and a huge tub. The toilet is also its own little room off the bathroom.

Master Closet
The master closet is again huge! We have so much space and should be able to fit a dresser in here as well.

This is a cubby hole under the stairs that is in the closet and Paisley has claimed it as her new favorite spot.
Laundry Room
The laundry room is the entry way to our garage. It is a really small space and we are going to have to figure out a way to put shoes and a "drop" spot since we will mostly be coming from the garage.

Fenced in backyard was one of our must haves in a house. So far it has been awesome and Paisley loves it.

Upstairs Landing
At the top of the stairs we have a bonus space with built in cabinets. This space is a little weird but I think we can make the most of it down the road. 

Craft Room/ Second Bedroom
For now, we will be using this bedroom as my craft room until we need it for something else.

Guest Room
Our guest room is pretty sizable and it also has a full bath within it. We love this feature and I am sure our guests will too.
Guest Bathroom

Upstairs Hallway
This small hallway is off the upstairs landing and it leads to a full bathroom on the left and another bedroom at the end.
Spare Room/Third Bedroom
This is our third bedroom that we have no plans for yet. We will use it as storage until we need it.
Upstairs Hall Bathroom
This bathroom is just outside the third bedroom. The black and white tiles are a little intense but I think once we get a shower curtain in there it will be a little less so.

So that is our house! We are really excited to fill it with furniture and get it organized and functional. Cannot wait to keep sharing our projects and updates as we make them!

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