Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July Weekend

This weekend (and the last week really) has flown by so fast since we have been so busy. If you follow me on Instagram, you know this already, but if you don't--We bought a house! I will do a whole post on that later, but this weekend we worked really hard to get our house in working order. Over the last week we have taken a few car loads here and there to get us started on the moving.

Friday was moving day! We rented a small trailer that we towed behind the jeep so that we could bring over our larger furniture items. We don't have a whole lot of furniture anymore, but what we had we still needed a trailer to move, like our bed, our wine rack and our couch.
Richard had a friend come and help him lift the heavy stuff since I am pretty much useless with that. We filled up one whole trailer load and unloaded it and then Richard went back and added a few more big pieces. By the time he got back with the big pieces, it was pouring rain and it was interesting trying to unload the last few pieces while it was raining. After unloading our stuff we were pretty worn out so we decided to call it a day on the moving front. That is the beauty of an in town move- we don't have to do it all at once.

We then headed down to hang out with with our friends, Cavan and Haley, to where they live since there was a big festival going on close to their apartment. We ended up waiting in line to get into this festival only for them to reach their max capacity and we got turned away. So we changed our plans and went to find a bar/restaurant nearby instead. The foods and the drinks ended up being amazing so no complaints there.
After dinner, we headed to their parking garage and went all the way to the top to find a spot for fireworks. We had a pretty decent view of the fireworks considering we couldn't get into the festival. Once fireworks were over, we went into the festival to get some funnel cakes and then listened to the band that was playing. From there, we walked to the local bars and had a high five contest along the way.

We spent most of the day Saturday getting stuff done around the house. We ran a few errands and picked up some items we needed, ate lunch at Chik-fil-a (yum), and then worked some more. Since we did a lot of celebrating for the Fourth the night before, we kept the night pretty casual. Our new city was holding a fireworks festival and it was only a mile away so we decided to walk. Well, google maps told us there were roads to walk on that did not exist yet and we ended up getting 90% there and hit a dead end and gave up and walked all the way back to our house, took the car and drove. Maybe next year the roads will be completed and we can walk all the way there. By the time we got there we barely had time to eat, stand in the bathroom line and get situated before fireworks started. Their fireworks show was amazing though and I love being close enough to fireworks to lay down and feel the boom from the fireworks.

More work done around the house. Are you sensing a theme here? We ended up spending far more time than we should have at Nebraska Furniture Mart. We bought a new couch and a TV console for the living room. This furniture store is ginormous so it took time to go through it. We already knew what couch we wanted, but it took forever for me to decide on an entertainment unit. But in the end we got snow cones so it was worth it.
This weekend was a good one and although getting this house up and running is a lot of work, we are so happy to be in our new house that we can't complain about it. Also, this weekend/last week has to be some sort of record for the number of steps taken for us both. I had 77,000 steps, approximately 33 miles, in the last week and none of that was from working out, it was all from moving around getting stuff done in the house. Whew.

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