Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Update | Twins Game

This weekend was a good one! It was the perfect balance of busy and relaxing, which is just the way I like it!

Friday started out a little rough. My computer has been giving me major issues since Wednesday. It would freeze up and would take hours for it to un-freeze. So Richard tried a few different things to repair it and nothing worked and it got so bad that all we had left to do was wipe the whole thing and restore it from a back up. Thankfully, before we messed with it, Richard backed it all up to an external hard drive. So far, it seems to be working fine and I haven't lost anything.
Friday afternoon, Richard and I headed to Arlington to go see a Twins Game. Before the game we stopped at a burger place close by that we knew we liked. Then we went to the Rangers Stadium to watch them play the Minnesota Twins. It was a fun game to watch, but it was a little weird to be surrounded by a bunch of people cheering for the opposite team. The Rangers got a home run and everyone got really excited and then the Twins got a home run and everyone booed.

On Saturday, Richard and I went with a friend to Taste of Dallas. It was at their state fair grounds and was a bunch of different food vendors that came in and served smaller portions so that you could go around and try a bunch of different food. It was so hot outside that we walked around the park once before we had to take shelter inside with some air conditioning. They had a bunch of different vendors inside so we looked around while we cooled off. We had a good time trying all the different foods, but it was not as exciting as we thought it was going to be. It was something different to do and we are glad we tried it.
When we left the Taste of Dallas, we were both so tired and worn out from the heat that we just hung out at home and watched the first Harry Potter movie. We have watched these movies far too many times recently.

Sunday's our day to get things done. We started by going for a walk, went grocery shopping and then hung out outside to read(for me) and work on the dissertation(Richard). It felt good to sit and relax after our busy weekend.

So that was our weekend! We are having so much fun exploring this new city of ours and seeing everything that has to offer!

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