Thursday, June 4, 2015

June Goals

So I used to write out my goals once a month, but I stopped at the end of last year. I actually really miss doing these posts. They help keep me productive and keep me accountable. I actually just went back and looked at my 2015 Goals and I forgot about most of them already. So it is nice to have a place to go back and look to see that you accomplished everything. Also, remember my 101 in 1001 Days? Yeah, I am supposed to be done with that by the end of September. I probably will not complete everything, but I am still proud of what I have accomplished and hope to cross off a few more things. Which means, I have some goals to achieve this month.

Blog More. I don't want to put any specific number on this, but the last few months I have had less than 6 blog posts a month which is just sad. My goal used to be 3 posts a week, but I need to start small and just try to beat my previous months.

Get Moving. Richard and I have decided recently that instead of having dinner right away when he gets home, we want to do something active together. This helps us be healthier and also it is the kind of time I like to spend with my husband, so we ensure we make time for that. Last night we played racquetball and in the future we would like to go on walks around the neighborhood.

Make Time For Dates. Recently, Richard and I have really struggled to make time together. Between all of the crazy travel we have had, work, and Richard's dissertation, there has not been a whole lot of "us" time. My love language is 110% quality time so I have really been missing spending time with Richard. This month, we are working toward setting aside more time for just us.

Maid of Honor Duties. With two wedding coming up at the end of summer/early fall, I have some major duties that I need to attend to. Summer is about to get crazy and June I am pretty free, so I want to be as helpful as possible this month and start really planning out some major things.

Study. I have really been putting this off recently, but I need to get at it. I finished all of my coursework so I just need to pass the test for my securities license. I need to keep studying before I forget everything I have learned and have the last month of studying wasted.

Stay Organized. This one is sort of vague, but I need to stay on top of everything I want to accomplish and make sure I am staying organized and productive with everything. With house shopping, travel coming up and everything else on my to-do list, I need to keep up with my day to day stuff too. Should be an interesting month.

Enjoy Summer. It is the start of summer after all, so this is a must! So much to see so little time!

Alright, that is a lot to accomplish in one tiny month, but I have high hopes! Here's to a fun and productive month!

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