Friday, June 19, 2015

Five on Friday

Well, it's Friday! This week sort of got away from me. I had a post planned for the middle of the week and I completely for got about it. Whoops. Try again next week. So instead, here is my Five on Friday!

One. Richard and I have really been focusing on getting out and going for a walk after he comes home from work. We have gone every day this week except the one day it was pouring rain. It feels good and I always value that time together.

Two. I have been doing a lot of Pinterest browsing looking for ideas for our house. I am super excited about everything we get to do, but am a little overwhelmed because we will be starting from scratch. We literally need everything except a bed. Oh boy. Should be fun though!

Three. Our cucumber plant has gotten so big recently! Our tiny outdoor garden has been doing great and I can't wait till we can eat some of the food we are growing ourselves. So exciting! Next year, we can even have a real life in the ground garden, too!

Four. With Richard's new job, he is able to work from home every Friday and during the summer he even gets off early on Fridays. And, let's face it, him working while at home is nothing new to me so I now get a whole other day with him by my side.

Five. This week has been really crummy with thunderstorms and rain predicted all week. But, this weekend is supposed to be nice and no rain is predicted so we will be spending it outside! Yay for the weekend!

Happy weekend everybody!

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