Thursday, June 11, 2015


Reading: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I started reading these books for the second time in the last year. Last time I read them it was my first time ever and I have wanted to read them again basically since I finished last fall. There is just so much in the books that you miss a lot the first time reading, so I figure it has been a year, why not?
Wishing: That Richard and I had some grand travel plans to look forward to, but alas we do not. We had talked awhile ago about a Europe trip this summer, but it did not work out. But, I will be traveling to Minnesota a lot this summer so that kinda counts.

Wearing: A whole lot of sweats. I suppose the whole I-never-leave-the-house thing means I never have to get dressed. Can't say I hate it though.

Loving: My most recent photography session! Can you say gorgeous? Also, I am pretty proud of how far my photography has come.
Bookmarking: A million and a half things to do around the Dallas area. Now that we are here to stay, we have to keep ourselves entertained and explore this new city of ours. We have quite the list going already!

Hoping: My husband will finish his dissertation thing soon. I would really like to not be married to a student anymore. Nightly dissertation sessions have gotten old already. What do normal people do with their evenings?

Looking: At ways to decorate our new home. I am pretty excited about being able to do this once we actually move in to a new place!

Studying: For my securities exam, still. But, I feel like I am finally making progress so that is a plus!

Enjoying: Spending a lot of time with this girl. She never leaves my side throughout the day and is just the sweetest.
Looking Forward To: All the wedding goodness I have coming up this summer! So many weddings and wedding events to look forward to this summer! The first being a weekend of bridal showers in July. Woot! Can't wait!

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