Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sister Time

As I mentioned in my last post, my sister and her two kids came to visit me in Dallas. Since we had little ones, we decided to do a lot of kid friendly things. It was fun to see what Dallas had to offer in that area since I never get to do any of that. Here is a bunch of pictures of what we have been up to the last week.

^^Donuts for breakfast at the airport and a cute sleeping baby girl.^^
^^Richard meeting his niece for the first time and lots of snuggle time with my nephew.^^
^^We had a few nice afternoons that were spent by the pool! The weather was predicted to be cloudy and raining all week, but every once in a while we got lucky and the sun came out!^^
^^We spent a day at Six Flags since we had two free buddy passes. My nephew loves the rides just like his mom and his auntie. Since Richard is not a big fan of rides he was on kid duty and was happy to be relieved of his roller coaster duty. It worked out perfectly and we were able to hit the best rides in a short amount of time.^^
^^We found a local splash pad to hang out at on the one fully sunny day. The splash pad was awesome and right next to it was a giant park that was also fantastic. We were glad that we were able to find this park!^^
^^Baby girl was so much fun to hang out with! I love being able to see her when she is still so little. I had lots of cuddle time with this little one.^^
^^We found some indoor playgrounds at the local malls for those days when outside play was not an option. My nephew loved them and gave him a good place to get his energy out. Then we all flew back to Minnesota together since my dad is getting married this weekend.^^

Overall, the week spent with my sister and her kids was so so fun! I love being able to have family come and see what life looks like for me here in Texas!

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