Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Update | Running

We had quite the productive weekend! We started out Friday night by going out to eat at a Mexican restaurant that had a great outdoor patio. Friday's weather was amazing so we wanted to find a place to hang out outside. The food was pretty good, but I am still on the hunt for the best queso in the area. After, we did a little shopping in the outlet malls and then got some frozen yogurt.
Saturday morning, Richard and I woke up and headed out for a run right away. Richard is running in a 5k in a couple weeks so he wanted to try to get in better shape to improve his speed a bit. He turned on an app to track how long we were running and we think it was off because we ended up running four miles when our goal was three. But, I pushed myself and ran most of it so it felt pretty good!
After our run, we headed out to run a bunch of errands. We started at Panera bread for lunch and my husband apparently loves that place now which makes me all sorts of excited.
Next we headed to get Toll Tags for our cars for all the tolls around here--makes them cost about half the price. Then, we headed to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. We are both excited that we have those around here now, but I think I am going to do a whole other post on those. Then we hit Target for more groceries and Lowe's for more soil for our new mini garden.
We made dinner from our new grocery finds and then headed out to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for a fun project I am working on. More to come!
Sunday morning, we headed out for another run, this time only two and a half miles. Then we both got some work done, Richard worked on his dissertation and I edited pictures.

Whew. We really had quite the busy weekend and Saturday both of us got a ridiculous number of steps. I got over 18,00 steps which is a little more than 8 miles. Busy, yet productive weekend and we enjoyed every minute of it. I am hoping this week goes by quickly since next week should be fun!

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