Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! This week has been a little rough for me since my husband has been traveling for work. I am not a big fan of sleeping in our apartment without anyone else there. But, I survived so far so it all works. Today is Friday so its time for my five from this week!

one. I have really been focusing on getting healthy and working out since arriving in Texas. I already feel so much better than before and I think I can see some progress. Hopefully, Richard and I will be able to run every Saturday and Sunday and then I can workout without him during the week. When I workout alone, I like to follow the Blogilates workout calendar. Her workouts are hard, but I always feel stronger the next day.
two. On Monday, I took a crochet class to Jo-Ann fabrics. My instructor was awesome and was able to go above and beyond the course requirements. I am really excited to be able to start creating projects. I am still learning, but it should be a fun adventure!
three. Since it has been me and Paisley these days, we have had a lot of quality time together. The other day the weather was so amazing that I took her to the dog park in our apartment complex. She loves chasing the ball, but gets so tired after only a few throws.
four. Richard spent the week in Fort Worth for a work conference. Fort Worth is about an hour from us, but his work decided it was far enough for him to be able to stay all week. So when he was done, I met up with him so we could explore Fort Worth a little. We walked around Sundance square, visited a JFK memorial, and got some popsicles.
five. Next week, Richard and I will be heading to Philadelphia for his annual conference for his field. It is one time every year that a lot of the people we have met over the last three years are all together in one place. Should be extremely busy, but a lot of fun!

Happy weekend everybody!
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