Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Things I Have Learned From Living in Louisiana #2

Here we are again for round two of things I have learned while living in this state. I have so so many of these I may run out of time to write them! But it will be fun to look back on these some day and remember how different life was in Louisiana.

-Every grocery store will bag your groceries for you. Most of the time they will put it into plastic bags instead of paper.

-When you leave a restaurant, a lot of the time they will offer you a to-go cups of whatever you are drinking. I actually enjoy this one.

-Car accidents are called car wrecks. Or just a wreck. Like, "There was a wreck on the interstate this morning." Oh and the major roads are called interstates, not freeways.

-For it being a decent sized town, it is very behind the times technology wise. Most everything is word of mouth. Restaurants and apartment buildings don't have websites which makes them hard to find. Also, at Richard's school they still have physical files for every student-none of their records have been put on a computer.

-If you see break lights, whether it be on the interstate or a side road, be ready to slam on your brakes. It happens far more often than it should, especially on the interstate.

-Where I live, there are only three bridges to get over the river. When one bridge shuts down, they all get gridlocked in traffic. Makes it really hard to get to work.

-There is no recycling around here, which makes me really sad. I work for a fortune 500 company that is huge and goes through a ton of paper, yet we have no recycling. Same goes for our apartment. Even if I wanted to recycle, I would have nowhere to bring my recycling. Cans and paper just go in the trash.

-Everybody has an area code of 318 so when you ask for a phone number, they usually leave out those numbers. Or when we give our number to someone they assume its area code 318 and we have to correct them every time.

-Everyone has to get an inspection sticker on their vehicle every two years. The purpose of the inspection is to make sure you have working wipers, signals, brake lights, etc. We have had to get two and neither time did anyone actually check our car. But we still had to pay for it.

-Anything under 50 degrees is considered cold and people will come to work wearing a winter jacket, hat, gloves and a scarf. If snow is even predicted, school will be cancelled for the kids.

-Mardi Gras is a big deal around here. There are parades and king cake everywhere. If you find a plastic baby in your king cake it means you need to supply the king cake next year. Richard even gets three days off school every year for Mardi Gras break.

-When you talk with respect to someone older its always Miss/Mr First Name. Like Miss Jamie and Mr. Pete, two names we started saying since everyone else called them that. My friend's kids call me Miss Alecia. Some of my coworkers will even use it for their boss and those bosses that come from out of town usually don't like it.

If you haven't yet, you can go back and read Things I have learned from Living in Louisiana #1.

Update: Here is part #3.

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