Friday, February 6, 2015

Oh Hey Friday

Yay for Fridays! This week went incredibly fast. Seriously. What better way to celebrate Friday than with my five favorite things from this week? Here we go.

One. We have 22 days until we have to be out of our apartment. Yikes! We really need to start packing. In fact, most of our weekend will be devoted to that! My number one goal for the move is to be as organized as possible. Hopefully we can accomplish a bunch this weekend.

Two. The sunsets around here have been amazing lately! I took this picture last week and it is so pretty! Richard and I went driving to see if we could get a better picture, but the sun set super fast so we missed it. But, this one is still pretty good.

Three. Inspiration has been flowing for my photography lately. I got a new camera for Christmas that I have yet to pull out and use. Hopefully I can get out in the next few weeks and try it out. I am starting a newborn photography class next week, just in time for my sweet niece to be born. I am super pumped about taking those pictures!

Four. Nothing makes me happier than when we finally get a paycheck after waiting two months. Richard started a new contract with his job in December and it took forever for us to get the paycheck. Yay for payday!

Five. Richard's youngest brother sent us his Flat Stanley creation in the mail this week. We get to take him on an adventure and then send back pictures for his class. It is funny how excited this makes us, but we know that his brother is going to love seeing all the pictures!

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