Friday, February 27, 2015

Moving Week

And oh what a week it has been! This was supposed to be a relaxing week, filled with saying good bye to everyone and packing up the house.

Monday afternoon we had an ice storm that rolled through town and led to work being closed Monday afternoon all the way through Tuesday morning. I drove to work Monday morning and left Richard stranded without a car since the Jeep was in the shop, again. I had a coworker drive me home since the roads were bad so we were stranded without either car Monday night. And since we chose not to go grocery shopping, we also had no food. So we walked to the closest restaurant, that was luckily open and not too far away.
By Tuesday afternoon, everything had melted and the roads were perfect. I went out to dinner with my two good work-turned-real-life friends Laurie, Kristen and Kristen's kids. We went to a local place and I loved having that special time for just us.
Wednesday, snow was predicted so I had the morning off work, that turned into the entire day off since the snow got so bad. It was crazy to see the snow falling. I have never seen such huge snow flakes and never did I think I would see the ground covered in snow. But, I have to admit it was gorgeous.
Whenever there is snow/ice in the area, the whole city shuts down. It seems crazy, but they just don't have the resources to deal with ice covered roads, so I refuse to drive in it as well. We had our POD scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday and we were afraid that it wouldn't show up. Luckily, they delivered it right as the snow started so we did not have to worry about a Plan B. We have a moving crew all set up and ready to go today to load up the POD and weather permitting we will be on our way Saturday morning!
Because the weather was all out of whack, and schools were closed Monday through Thursday, my good-bye lunch on Thursday was missing about 80% of my coworkers. Which was a big huge bummer because I didn't get to say good bye to any of them either.  But I am grateful for those that were able to come and say goodbye.
We have a few more goodbyes to say today before we head out. It is so weird to me that this is actually happeneing. I don't think it has really hit me yet. I'm sure it will though when we drive away.
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