Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Apartment Search

This past weekend, Richard and I headed over to Dallas to find a place to live. It is only a four and a half hour drive from where we currently live, so it was an easy weekend getaway. We left Thursday night after work so that Richard could spend Friday in the office and I could work from the hotel. We brought Paisley puppy with just in case since some places required a pet interview.
I did a lot of prep work before we got to Dallas. First, we are not 100% sure yet this job will be permanent, so we knew we would want to sign a short-term lease at an apartment. I used rent.com to find places and get a feel for what the area had to offer. The biggest concern was figuring out what price point we could actually find decent apartment complexes. From there, we ranked our favorite choices according to the following criteria.
-Price needed to be under a certain dollar amount
-Distance from Richard's work-ideally 10-15 minutes away
-Allow dogs more than 50 pounds
-Washer and dryer provided in apartment
-Safe neighborhood with a "nice" feel

We found quite a few places that had everything on our want list so then it just came down to what we liked when we saw it. We ended up setting up 6 appointments and had a realtor tag along with us. Since my dad is a realtor, she offered to help tag a long and give us a sense of the area
We ended up going with the first place we saw, but we did not make that decision until after we had seen everything. At our first appointment, we saw a smaller apartment that we were not thrilled about. After we spent the day looking at other apartments at a higher price, we knew we needed to go back to the first place and compare to a place that was a little pricier to see if we liked it. We knew the first place had everytihng on our list and then some (hello dog park!) so we wanted to make double sure and check out a different floor plan. Then we were sold. We had two places that really stood out as top choices, but in the end we picked the place that was closest to Richard's work. It was also the least expensive, but still had everything we wanted. We are so happy to have that big piece out of the way!

Other scenes from the weekend:
^^I went to Panera by myself on Friday. Couldn't pass up that opportunity.^^
^^We went to a Mexican place called Mi Cocina and it was so, so good! I am glad I finally convinced Richard that Mexican food is the best.^^
^^Our pizza lunch pow-wow where we figured out our apartment game plan.^^
^^Freebirds Burrito and an amazing rainbow!^^

We had a pretty packed weekend, so the picture taking was sort of forgotten. Hence, all the food pics. We did spend Saturday night getting dinner and drinks with Richard's co-worker and his girlfriend. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can have in common with complete strangers. There is always something there! We are looking forward to moving into our new apartment come March!

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