Friday, January 23, 2015

We're Moving!

I have been holding this one in for a while now! Well the word is out and it's official. We are leaving the state of Louisiana. I can't believe I am able to even type those words right now. It feel like I have been looking forward to this for forever, yet the time passed so quick.

We turned in our apartment notice right before Christmas and will have to be completely moved out by the end of February. That is five weeks from today! So the packing and the planning has commenced, although we really should get our butts into gear.

As of last night, we are moving to Dallas. We took a leap and turned in our notice before we really had any concrete plans. Although, our plans still are not long term. We will probably sign a 6 month lease at an apartment somewhere in Dallas. Right now, Richard's job is not permanent, but he will have it as long as he wants it. Kinda complicated, but there are reasons for it. Hopefully at the end of 6 month, we will either find a permanent job in Dallas or we find a permanent job elsewhere. So we have plans for the next 6 months and then who knows? We will see when we get there.

I am hoping to be able to spend some time in Minnesota in March before settling down in Dallas. I have some research to do on moving trucks and apartments and everything else moving related. We will have to start really figuring out where we will live in Dallas and how the next few months will play out. Should be crazy, yet fun at the same time. Better start planning now!

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