Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stitch Fix #2

This is my second time doing Stitch fix and it is such a fun service. Here is how it works. You go online to their website and fill out a profile on what kind of clothes you like and don't like, how you like things to fit and what you look for in clothes. Based on your responses to the questions, your personal stylist pulls together 5 items and sends them to you in a box. Then you can decide what you like and don't like, keep what you like and send back what you do not like. You have to pay an upfront $20 styling fee, but that can be applied to anything you decide to keep. Also, if you keep all five items you get a 25% discount on everything.

Back in December, I decided to try stitch fix again. I had a lot of success the first time I tried it so I thought it would be fun. I feel like the anticipation is what makes this more fun than a normal shopping trip. Just waiting for your package to arrive and seeing what you pull out.

I tried everything on and took some pictures. I don't know why, but I can't take pictures by myself. I feel all sorts of awkward so don't mind the pictures. Here is what I got.

Olive & Oak- Marley Split back Knit Top-$44.00 {Kept}
From the front this shirt is pretty plain, but I liked the way the back was a little different. This shirt fit really well and it was so soft so I decided to keep it.

Av Max- Tania Lapis Pendant Necklace- $38 {Sent Back}
I really liked this necklace and since I wear a lot of different necklaces I considered keeping it. I just couldn't justify the price for the necklace since I could probably find one similar for a lot less.

ReneeC-Malcom Ikat Dolman Top-$48 {Sent Back}
This shirt looked really good in a picture, but in person I did not like it. I have a lot of shirt with this shape where the bottom is tight with a wider neck and I don't like the way it looks on me. So I sent it back. I really love the colors though.

Market and Spruce- Shara Houndstooth Printed Vest- $78 {Kept}
Pictured below. This vest is very similar the the herringbone vest that a lot of people have these days. I had that vest on my wish list so it was funny that this came in the box. It is just a smidge too big, but I really like it.
Just Black Adalyn Distressed Skinny Jean- $78 {Sent Back} 
Pictured Below. I loved the fit and feel of these jeans. I just really wished they were not destroyed because I am not really a fan of destroyed pants. I can't wear them to work which is where I would want to wear them most. If they had not been destroyed I would have kept them in a heartbeat.

Most of these items are a little more than I would usually spend on clothes, but the experience is so much fun that I would do it again. It is nice to add a few higher quality things to my wardrobe. If you are interested in trying Stitch fix out your self here is my referral link. Happy shopping!

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