Thursday, January 8, 2015

Minnesota Adventures Part 1

I am back to share some more of what we did over the two weeks we were home in Minnesota. We spent a lot of time with out close friends. We were able to do a bunch of fun stuff with them that definitely made the trip that much more fun!

We spent our first night in town catching up and playing games with our friends. Richard had not seen them in over a year so it was well overdue.

Richard and I went skiing with our friends Sammi and Herman, along with Richard's little brother. I love skiing so much it makes me want to plan a trip to a real mountain.
^^A ski trip wouldn't be complete without a short rest at the Chalet for pizza and beer.^^
^^Richard and I have a similar picture from the last time we went skiing together so we had to recreate it.^^

Happy New Year! We had a relaxing night of games and fun!

This girl. We have been friends for a very long time. I always make sure to see her whenever I am home and it amazes me how much we have in common so many years later. Love our chats together!

I went with my sister and her friend to go get Jucy Lucy's at Matt's Bar in Minneapolis. Since they were created here I was happy to try them out. The 30 minute wait was definitely worth it. Yum.

After our fattening lunch, we decided to go try out a yoga class. This is on my list so I was happy to have people to try it with. I actually enjoyed it and hope to maybe continue doing it in the future.

We ended our trip with an ugly Christmas sweater party with our friends! Great way to close out the trip!
^^These girls are the best. So happy to spend so much time with them. Also, the chick on the left is getting MARRIED! More on that later!^^
^^Ugly sweater contest winners. Tiffany(left) got second, Jeff(second from left) got first and Richard and Herman(right) tied for third.

I am grateful to have such an amazing network of friends in Minnesota. I love knowing that being far away will not affect our relationship one bit!

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