Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas 2014

Yes, I realize Christmas was almost two weeks ago. But I have just now been able to collect my thoughts after our trip home long enough to put this post together. Since I want to remember it, I am posting it now. We celebrated Christmas in a lot of different ways so I have a little bit of picture overload going on here.

We started the festivities by making Christmas cookies with my nephew. They weren't the prettiest cookies, but they still tasted good.
I went with my family to the new downtown Christmas that they had set up. We started at Macy's Santaland and then headed over to the ice skating rink. They had a small strip of ice skating located in the middle of downtown that was pretty fun. It was pretty warm out and it was raining so there was only fake ice for us, but we still enjoyed it. My nephew got to skate for the first time and he was so excited about it! The new village definitely was not worth paying to get in to, but I had to try it once to make sure.
I spent Christmas Eve with Richard's family. We started out by making my grandma's caramel roll recipe. Then we just spent time together, wrapped presents and opened presents. We headed to a late night church service where the little ones fell asleep. They look a little tired in the picture, but it will have to do. Paisley even got her own Christmas sweater to celebrate.
Christmas morning, we woke up early to see what Santa had delivered. The boys were done opening their presents in the first 5 minutes since they could not contain their excitement.
I then headed over to my sister's house to celebrate with my family. My nephew opened his sweet ride on car from his aunties. We then just hung out, played games and eventually ate a big dinner. The three of us girls decided to continue the tradition that my mom started of getting us an ornament each year. So we always get one matching ornament as the years pass.
Last, but not least, we had our annual Christmas with my dad's side of the family. There are a bunch of us since my dad has 7 brothers and sisters. This is no where near all of us, with my dad and his 7 siblings, their spouses, 19 of us grown grandchildren and all our spouses/significant others, these parties can get pretty big.
We always do a gift exchange where you buy a $10 gift and then we all sit in a circle and roll dice. If you get doubles than you get to steal gifts from anyone you want. When the time runs out you get the gift you currently have. It is always a good time that I look forward to.
After that, we played pictionary and an intense game of charades.
Once all the games were played, some cousins and aunts and uncles went out to a few bars. Never a dull moment with this crew!
So that was all the different ways that we celebrated Christmas. More Minnesota adventure coming later this week.

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