Monday, January 19, 2015

Casino & Movie

We had a fantastic weekend trying to soak up as much Louisiana as we could. We have come down with the mentality that we are only here a little while longer so we need to keep busy until that time comes.

We started out on Friday by heading with our friends Evan and Claire to Shreveport to go to a casino. It is always a long drive, but we had good company so it went by quick. We got there and Richard and Evan ran off to play roulette while Claire and I hit the slots. I put $20 in and ended up winning about $18 and at one point I was up $30. Evan taught Richard how to play roulette and he won $200. He was so excited and kept saying that they got three 28's in a row so that is how he won big. Richard and I usually don't win at casinos and we rarely go so it was fun to actually win.

Saturday, I had a haircut over where Richard goes to school so while we were there we ate at our favorite Dawg House. Like I said, we are trying to do as much as we can before we leave. Their food though, oh my gosh. It is going to be the only restaurant I will crave when we leave.

We then met up with Evan and Claire again to go see American Sniper. The movie sold out almost every showing at the theater near us so it was a good thing we got tickets ahead of time. I really liked the movie and at the end when the movie was over it was dead silent while everyone watched the credits. I don't want to give anything away, but definitely a movie worth seeing.
We went to dinner after and we all thought it was funny that between this weekend and last weekend we think we have seen Evan and Claire more than the last six month. Comps forced all of us to hide in our little holes.

Sunday, we watched the packers lose. Sorry Richard. He's a fan, I am not and he was super upset over that loss. Oh well, maybe next year.

Our weekend was perfect and I am glad we finally have time to see people again!

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