Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday

Happy Friday! I am super excited for this weekend to get here! It will be filled with Christmas celebrating galore! Can't wait!

My sister sent me this picture the other day and it so applies to my life! I am majorly obsessed with Friends and I constantly quote it. Since my husband rarely understands the reference I know my sister always will!

Dog pictures. Because who does not love a good dog picture? I have hundreds of pictures of my dog on my phone. Since she is always at my feet and I can't help but take them of her. The last picture is my sister's dog that I am excited to meet when I go home next week.

Speaking of dogs. I found this the other day and this is so my dog. She is never too far away when we are eating dinner. We definitely created a bad habit in her.

The weather in these parts has been warm. I know I am complaining about warm weather, but seriously I don't like it. I mean air conditioning in December? It makes it really hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it doesn't even feel cold. I am ready for Minnesota that is for sure.

This time of year is my favorite. But since it is not feeling super festive at our house right now, I am loving these trees at work. They are so pretty and fun to look at.

Hopefully after this weekend, it will start to feel more like Christmas time! In exactly one week, we will begin our journey to Minnesota for two weeks and I am beyond excited! So many fun things to do and so little time!

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  1. Your work Christmas trees look amazing - really funky! In the office today and all I can think about is that I only have one more week to go before 2 weeks off! Here in the UK it is freezing and rainy but I guess that does help you feel more Christmassy! Have a great weekend!


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