Monday, December 8, 2014

Free Time

With my husband finishing up his last set of comprehensive exams on Friday, this weekend was full of free time. Granted, we still have to wait for results before we can officially say he is done with them, but in the meantime we are able to enjoy the next few weeks of freedom.

Friday night we started out our free weekend by going out for dinner and drinks with a bunch of people from his program. I can't even tell you the last time we did that. It has been probably six months. I had been craving the food at this restaurant for a very long time so I was excited to finally eat there. We had a good time just sitting around and talking.

Saturday was our day to get a bunch of stuff done that we have been putting off. We took our new car to get an oil change, new windshield wipers plus some other things. This week we also have to take the jeep in to get a few major things fixed. After the breaks went out last week, they found some other things that need to be replaced. Yikes. Why are cars so dang expensive? Hopefully after this week, we will not have to put anymore money in for a long time.

Since we were out and about, we decided to go to lunch at Olive Garden. It had been almost a year since the last time we went since the one around us burned down in January. Well it is up and running again and looks totally different. It was also crazy town since it has been open less than a week. The next closest one is an hour and a half away so everyone wanted to go. We were told the wait was going to be an hour and a half at 1 in the afternoon. Well we had perfect timing and two seats at the bar opened up so we got to sit and eat right away. Olive Garden has never tasted so good.
After eating far too much food, we spent the rest of the day playing Mario Kart, watching movies, and just vegging on the couch. That is the first time in months that Richard has spent the evening with me just hanging out. It was amazing.
Sunday was pretty much the same deal. Errands, games and relaxing. It was fun to enjoy this first free weekend, although we still can't make any of our big decisions that will affect these next six months. Hopefully we will have results before Christmas. If not I may go a little crazy.

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