Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December's Past

Well. It is the final month of the year, which means it is the last of my Month's past. I have really enjoyed this series, being able to look back on all the pictures and the memories. These posts always take forever, but I am so glad I did them! This one is super full of pictures so sorrynotsorry.

December 2009
-Richard and I went with his younger brothers and his mom to the Holidazzle parade. So began my love of the parade.
-Richard proposed to me in the middle of winter two days before Christmas at the place where he took me on our first date. He had wrapped the ring as a present and gave it to me in front of the frozen waterfall. It was perfect.
-Christmas with my family was spent hanging out, playing cards, making snowmen and going tubing. Perfect winter day.

December 2010
-I did not take many pictures of this Christmas. But what I do have are pictures with Christmas celebrated with my mom. And then Christmas celebrated with my dad.

December 2011
-I officially finished all of my college coursework after three and a half years. So glad to be done with that!
-Richard and I took his brothers for a night so that his parents could have a date night. We went on the light rail into Minneapolis where we then watched the Holidazzle parade and then we went to Macy's Santa land to see Santa.
-This was our first year as a married couple so this is when we started some of our traditions. We baked cookies, decorated our house, made caramel rolls and celebrated with family.

December 2012
-We headed down to New Orleans with some of our friends. Our friends Evan and Claire got engaged that weekend and we spent the rest of the time celebrating. There was a lot that happened in that weekend and it is one of my favorite weekends to date with our friends in Louisiana.
-Since we could not make it home for Christmas, Richard's little brother came to visit us for Christmas. While he was here, we headed to Duck Commander long before they did their remodel so the place was packed.

Whew. I can't believe this year is almost over. Where did it go? Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my life as much as I did!

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