Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Goals

This month. I feel like I have been waiting for this month for a long time. It is going to be a crazy and hectic month. So many decisions will be made and so much will be put into effect this month. I am hoping that my life will start to feel normal again this month.

My husband takes his final set of comprehensive exams this week. If/when he passes we can finally move on and start figuring out the next six months of our life. So many conversations have been put on hold until comps are over so I will be happy when December 6th rolls around.

November was a great month to accomplish all my goals. With Richard studying non stop I had plenty of time to finish everything. Here is a look at my November goals.

Bake a Cake From Scratch.  Done! I made a cake for Richard's birthday a few weeks ago.
Finish Address Book. I gathered up the last few addresses so that we are ready to send out Christmas cards!
Sew something for Paisley. Paisley's new car seat hammock is a huge hit! we got to try it out this past weekend on a short trip to pick up food, but she loves it.
Let Richard Study. We are officially in the final crunch time and I have been good about not bugging Richard as much as I normally do.
Get Christmas Cards Ready. These are going in the mail this week! Yay!
Be More Productive. I have been great about getting things done this month as evidenced by having everything crossed off!

Pay Bill of Someone Behind Me in a Drive-thru. This has been on my list for a while and I keep forgetting about it. Hopefully on our trip home I will remember to do this.
Go to New Minneapolis Downtown Christmas. With the Holidazzle parade gone, I want to check out the new festival they have planned instead.
Go Skiing. I have big plans to go skiing while I am home and I am super excited about this. Gotta enjoy the snow while I can!
Celebrate Christmas in Louisiana. Before Richard and I head back to Minnesota, I want to do something in Louisiana for Christmas. When we go home, we rarely see each other so I want to have special time for us.
Figure out Vacation Plans. I have high hopes that we will be able to plan a fun vacation for early next year. This is one of the conversations that has been put on hold until after comps.
Spend Lots of Time with Friends and Family. Duh. With two weeks home in December I am super excited about all the time I will have with Friends and Family.

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  1. That cake looks SO delicious AND cute!! Good job! I have never made a cake from scratch but have always wanted to try :) Loving your December goals- lots of fun to be had this month, despite the craziness!


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