Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This past weekend I surprised my family by showing up in Minnesota without telling them. This was the first and probably only time I will come for a surprise visit, but it was super fun to do it. I only booked my plane tickets about a week ago. Richard was already going to be out of town and I knew that my nephew's birthday party was scheduled and I was bummed I was missing it.

So I used miles to get a cheap flight home. I knew my older sister would be excited about me showing up for my nephew's party. So I had to think what I could do for my little sister. I knew that she would want to do something wedding related. We had already talked about going dress shopping when I go home for Christmas so I decided to schedule an appointment for dress shopping while I was home. It ended up working out really well because all of her bridesmaids could go on the same day so it was perfect.

I flew in Friday night and Richard's mom was able to pick me up and drive me to my younger sister's house. We just walked in and went to her bedroom where she was hanging out and she was totally shocked. I video taped it but her reaction was pretty much non-existent. Then I told her about the wedding dress shopping I had scheduled and she squealed and jumped into my arms. Really wish I had got that reaction on video.

The next morning we stopped by my dad's house and he was pretty shocked too. Then we headed over to my older sister's house. We walked into the house and her dog came barreling towards us and her husband came running from upstairs to tell us she was downstairs. So we walked on down and my nephew saw me first and just stared at me, Then my sister came around the corner and saw me. She immediately started crying because she was excited that I had come for the birthday party.
We had the birthday party on Saturday, which I will share tomorrow. We accomplished a lot of wedding stuff on Sunday. We started by taking a tour of the reception location and then checked into the possible ceremony sites. I had seen these places on FaceTime but it was much better seen in person. After we looked at the options, my sister made a decision for her ceremony location! Then we headed over to go dress shopping. My sister tried on a few dresses before she was able to figure out what she was looking for. She finally found one that had everything she wanted and made her look gorgeous! (The dress pictured below was not the dress she bought.)  Once my sister decided on her dress, the three of us had a little mini breakdown since our mom could not be there. It sucks that we have to go through weddings and babies without having her around.
The weekend was a total success and it went by entirely too fast. I loved having this extra time to spend with my family. I can't wait until Christmas when we will be home again for two whole weeks!

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