Wednesday, November 19, 2014

One Special Birthday

Yesterday was my husband's 25th birthday! I tried to make his day as special as I could considering he has comps coming up soon.

Our celebrations started over the weekend. We went to dinner at a nice restaurant of his choosing so that he could get whatever food he wanted. I gave him no opinion of where I wanted to go because let's face it my choice would be pretty limited and it was his birthday. The restaurant we went to has both great food for dinner and excellent dessert. Richard wanted to order almost everything from the dessert menu but he settled on their free cheesecake for his birthday and pecan pie to go. Their brownie and ice cream was amazing too.

Yesterday for his actual birthday, he met me for lunch and we headed out to the Johnny's pizza buffet. Not my favorite pizza, but it was close to work and that meant I got to see him for lunch.
This is his I-can't-believe-you-are-making-me-pose-for-a-picture face
Over the last few days, I have also been making him a cake! I decided to make one from scratch for him. Since I know his favorite cake is chocolate with chocolate frosting I decided to give it a try.
The cake did not turn out as perfect as I thought it would. I also may have forgot some baking soda, but it had baking powder so it worked out. All that matters was that Richard enjoyed it and it was edible!

So that was his birthday celebration. Maybe after this whole comps business is over we can have a huge celebration that is not weighed down by the need to study. Happy 25th birthday Richard!

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