Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November Goals

This past weekend was fantastic. So much so that I need a few days to recover and gather all my pictures before I can write about it. So we are first going to look at goals for the month of November. October was gone in a flash and I am shocked by the fact that it is already November. I wanted the time to go quickly and it has gone faster than I thought it would.

First, looking back at my October goals, I am proud to say that I can cross off every single item on my list this month! This is a first for me which makes me really happy.

Put together new binder/planner.  My new planner has been oh so amazing which is part of the reason I accomplished so much this month!
Be more intentional about blogging.  So I did not do as good as I had hoped, but I was able to plan out my posts for the week more and make sure I actually got them out there so it is better than I have been in the past.
Keep car clean. I am super impressed that I was able to do this. With the garage sale, I have had a bunch of stuff going in and out of my car, but I chose not to be lazy and made sure to empty out my car at every step. 
Carve Pumpkins with Richard. We kept our tradition alive again this year!
Start walking again. Richard and I started walking and did really well for a few weeks. Well then things got busy and we had stuff scheduled almost every day of the week so we sort of fell off the wagon. We will have to start exercising inside again now that the sun is setting when we get home from work.
Finish editing pictures. I have had a lot of editing on my plate for a long time and I finally finished all those pictures! I was 100% caught up with editing util this past weekend, but those will be finished again here pretty soon.

Bake a Cake From Scratch. This is on my 101 in 1001 list and with it being Richard's birthday month I figured I would give this a try. 
Finish Address Book. Just a few more addresses needed before I can officially call this one done for now.
Sew something for Paisley. With my husband being psycho about the dog riding in the new car, I need to sew something for the back seat so Paisley can ride back there without ruining the leather seats.
Let Richard Study. Richard's second set of comps are coming up quick. Only a few more weeks until he takes them so I need to make sure I am not distracting him.
Get Christmas Cards Ready. We are actually sending out Christmas cards this year which is a first for us so I am super excited about it! 
Be More Productive. I have felt sort of lazy lately and I am hoping to kick myself into gear this month and make sure I get everything I need to done.

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