Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wedding Planning

A few weeks ago, my baby sister got engaged! And not too long ago my older sister announced she is having another baby. So many fun things happening in my family, so I get to be excited for them and live through them until my turn comes. Anyway, I took these pictures of my baby sister to use as an announcement picture. They have been together for longer than Richard and I have so "about time" is appropriate.
Ever since she got engaged (and maybe a little before they got engaged), I have been helping her with some wedding planning. I love weddings and I love planning weddings. Also, it is much more fun to plan a wedding when it is not your own wedding. You get to come up with ideas and inspiration, but not have to actually make decisions.
The most important step in wedding planning is figuring out a date and a venue. Since there is a wedding "season" in Minnesota, it is more difficult to find wedding venues with less than a year of planning. A lot of the good places were already pretty much full for summer 2015.
She looked at quite a few places (and I followed along via Face Time) until she found one that looks perfect! There are a few things that are not the best policies, but they are minor and I feel like every venue will have something small you are not thrilled about. 

I am pretty sure that she found not only a venue but also a wedding date! Yay! Without giving too much detail, I will say that the place is gorgeous. So gorgeous. Almost makes me wish I could redo my wedding. Also, its a ski chalet, which for those of you who knew my mom know that that makes it super special. My mom loved to ski and it was a huge part of her life so having her wedding at a ski chalet makes it so much sweeter.
So for the next few months I will probably have a lot of wedding planning and such on here because I am so excited for my baby sister! I can't wait to help her continue to plan because it is going to be so much fun! Yay for wedding planning!

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