Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September's Past

So today is the first day of October. September sort of got away from me and I completely spaced doing this post last month. Whoops. Oh well so here it is only a few days late.

September 2009
-I started as a regular nanny for one of my favorite families. I loved working with those three sweet kids and still miss hanging out with them.
-Our dating anniversary was in September, so we celebrated our 2 year anniversary by spending the day at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. We went to a nearby restaurant and then walked around the lake. We took a bunch of pictures with a disposable camera, but I do not have those on my computer so these are the two I have.

September 2010
-We celebrated our third anniversary with dinner at an Italian restaurant (duh).
-I went with my dad to a twins game for the first time in the new stadium. It was fun to see baseball in the middle of Minneapolis with all the huge buildings surrounding you. P.S. I can't tell if we look alike in this pictures (insert sarcasm here).

September 2011
-I entered into what I thought would be my final semester for college. Turns out I ended that semester three credits short of graduation and no one bothered to tell me this until I figured it out about a month before my expected graduation. So many issues with my college experience.
-My family attended another cousin wedding. As per usual, my little sister and I took a bunch of crazy pictures on the car ride over. We also took that opportunity to take some pictures with my family.

September 2012
-This was our first full month of living in Louisiana. We started hanging out with friends and getting to know people in Richard's program so there are not many pictures.
-We had attack of the crickets in our apartment. Not a good start to living in the south. The crickets found their way into our apartment through any hole they could find including a hole in the ceiling. When they came through the ceiling it never failed that they would fall into the over head light and you could hear them scratching and trying to claw their way out. Grossest things ever. We easily killed 7-10 of these giant crickets EVERY night in the apartment for over a month. Permanently seared into my memory.
-I found a job within a few weeks of living in Louisiana. I was and still am super grateful to have found that job so quickly. It ended up working perfectly.
-Some of our besties, Sammi and Herman, got married! We flew back to Minnesota and we were both in the wedding party. They actually made it work out so that Richard and I were paired to walk down the isle together so that was fun. We had a great time dancing and being back in the state of Minnesota.
-While the wedding was beautiful, the flying to and from was not. On the way there, the runway in the tiny airport was under construction so they had a weight restriction and I was almost kicked off the last flight of the night (when I had to be in Minnesota to start getting hair done by 9 the next morning). Luckily, two business men volunteered to give Richard and I their seats on the plane so we ended up making it. Our bags however did not make it, so I only had my bridesmaid dress for the next day and that was it. We were not so lucky on the way back. We flew from Minneapolis to Atlanta only to have our flight from Atlanta to Louisiana be cancelled because the runway in Louisiana was flooded. So we had to rent a car to drive the eight hours through the night Sunday night so that I could be back to work the next day. It would have only been my third day at my new job so it was important that I made it there. Worst flying experience I have ever had.

So that would be our September's past! Now hopefully I can remember to do October before the month is over.
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