Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October's Past

I think I may be the only one who loves these posts, but that is ok with me. I love looking back on old pictures and remembering what we were doing in those moments. I usually only do 2009-2012, but this month the October 2008 pictures were too good to pass up.

October 2008
-Richard and I went with Richard's family to pick out pumpkins. His brothers are so small in these pictures. Also, I decided to spare his now 18 year old brother from appearing in these pictures because he would probably hate me for sharing the picture I have.
-For these pictures we need a little background. My dad has bred German Shorthair Pointer dogs since I was really little. He got his first dog, Cocoa, from my grandpa, who also bred shorthairs. We got Cocoa when I was 1 year old. Through the years we have had many generations of dogs that all started with Cocoa. Cocoa had Nala(far left), who had Jasmine(left middle), who had Rajah(right middle), who had Caramel(far right). My dad wanted a picture of the four generations we had at the time  with his three daughters before Nala passed away. Since this picture, both Nala and Jasmine are in doggie heaven. The second picture is just funny to me because we all look so different now.

October 2009
-I went with my sister, her friend and my mom to go visit Winona State University to see if it was something they were interested in attending. We took some fun pictures with the fall colors.
-My sister and I won tickets to go see Taylor Swift in concert. I took my husband with me for meet and greets. The concert was amazing.
-Richard and I went to pick out pumpkins like we did every year. Funny story. We found our pumpkins in the field, but they were too large for my weak self to carry them. So Richard had to carry one about 15 feet and then go back for the other one. Once we got back to the register, we realized they had wheel barrows that we could have used. Whoops.

October 2010
-We took Richard's youngest brothers to a carnival at their church where they had a bunch of different games and food for us.
-I went with my sisters to go pick out some bridesmaid dresses. They tried on a bunch of different ones for me and we did actually pick the silver one, but in a metallic purple color.
-Richard and I went to a different place to get pumpkins, yet again. Can you tell it was our fall tradition?

October 2011
-Since I had grown out my hair for the wedding, I decided to donate it to Locks of Love. It was fun to do but that is the longest my hair will ever be and the shortest I will cut my hair. I'm glad I did it at least once though. These are the befores. You can see how short it is in the next pictures.
-We took another four generation dog picture since Jasmine had started to get old so we wanted to get an updated picture. The youngest puppy in the four generation picture is Jada. We also took a picture with our puppy Paisley along with her mom and grandma.

October 2012
-Our first fall in Louisiana, if you can even call it fall. We did go to some football games with friends and tailgate which is always fun.
-Our costumes for our Halloween party.
-And last, but not least my sweet nephew was born! His 2nd birthday is coming up quick. He is so tiny in these pictures.

Phew, that is a lot of pictures. I just love them so much though. Hope I am not the only one who enjoys them!

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