Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Goals

New month which means a fresh start on my goals. Which is good because I had a big fat fail on my goals last month. I have big plans for this month though since I have a new planner! First, let's look at my September goals.

Gather Items for Garage Sale. Although I am not completely done, I have been continually working towards getting this done. Almost there.
Start Working On Address Book  I did "start" but I did not get very far. I think I gathered less than 10 addresses. But it is a start!
Go through Three Spaces to get rid of Clutter. I went though the kitchen, my scrapbooking desk and the linens in the bathroom. Yay! Gotta keep working though. Only two more weeks till the garage sale!
Send Out a Care Package. I had big plans for this and then things were forgotten. Whoops. 
Spend One Night a Week Organizing Pictures. Yeah....forgot this was even on my list.

Put together new binder/planner. I am working on this still and I am so excited to share because it is beautiful!
Be more intentional about blogging. My blog sort of fell on the back burner last month and for no real reason. I am hoping to be more organized and plan out my posts better.
Keep car clean. Since I cleaned out my car last weekend I am hoping to actually keep it clean.
Carve Pumpkins with Richard. Pretty much since we moved south we lost our tradition of carving pumpkins together. Hoping that we will make time for it this year!
Start walking again. Since studying for comps has been so dominant in our life these past few month, we lost our routine of walking after work. I am hoping to get it started again before the sun starts setting earlier and we can't walk after work anymore.
Finish editing pictures. I really really need to finish these. Then I feel I can take a sort of break for a while from taking pictures. It is so time consuming and I don't have that kind of time right now. Some day I will be able to pick this up more. 

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