Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Life Lately

It has been a while since I have posted pictures of what we have been up to. So here is a giant photo dump of what has been on my phone lately.

^^The crazy storm that come through here yesterday. The green wall of rain heading straight towards us along with the electricity outage map. Pretty much the entire city was without power. Semis turned on their side about a block from my apartment. A tree that landed in one of my friends bedroom. There is still a bunch of damage around the city that is being cleaned up today^^

^^I finally got around to putting up some fall decorations. I love these cute little pumpkins.^^

^^Our living room and office full of a bunch of stuff we are getting rid of at a garage sale this weekend. I will be grateful when I can have my living room back.^^

^^Being a part of real estate at work is fun when you get the inside tour of the huge building that is being constructed next door. It was really cool to see what it looks like long before anyone else gets to see it.^^

^^Celtic festival with some good friends and their kids. I loved having a relaxing Saturday morning just hanging out with the girls plus babies.^^

^^My mom's buffalo wing recipe made during football just like when I was a kid. And a dinner date for burgers with Richard this past weekend.^^

^^My name tags for the two jobs I worked before moving found while going through some stuff. Where I changed my name after getting married and worked with kids daily. I miss those jobs so much^^

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