Monday, October 27, 2014

Date Nights & Halloween Parties

This weekend a little bit crazy. Filled with some great times and some not so great times. But, its over so we will only focus on the good times because those are more fun.

On Friday, Richard and I headed over to Shreveport to have our pictures taken. The last time we had professional pictures taken was for our wedding so I wanted to take some new pictures. Our photographer is in the same doctoral program as Richard and I have shadowed her before so we know her pretty well. She shared a sneak peak on Facebook and I love it so far! Can't wait to get the rest of them soon. If you are in the area and need some pictures taken check her out here!
When we were done taking pictures we decided to stay in Shreveport for a little date night. We don't usually take the time to drive the hour and a half to Shreveport so it was nice to get out and do something different. Our photographer recommended a place called Sevendipity and it did not disappoint. They even had a cute little outside patio that was perfect for date night.
After dinner, we did a little shopping at Loft and Charming Charlie's since I had gift cards for both of them. This is the closest Loft and my money was going to expire so I had to use it up quick. Richard also insisted on getting cupcakes for dessert.

The entire day on Saturday was devoted to the Halloween party we had that night. I procrastinated making our costumes till the last minute. I was a fairy and made my tulle skirt that morning. I attempted to make Richard's costume, but it did not look right and my husband was not thrilled about wearing it so he went without a costume this year. He was obviously super upset about that one.

We went to the Halloween party that my friend Kirsten's aunt throws every year. They always have a scavenger hunt where your team goes out in costume and has to take a bunch of pictures and videos doing different things for a list. It is fun to see the looks from people when you walk around in full costume. Some of the things on the list this year was take a pictures with a security guard, take a picture on a firetruck, take a picture with everyone's left knee touching a fire hydrant, take a video doing the macarena in a gas station, etc.
Sadly, our team did not win two years in a row. But we still had a good time doing it and we had a little too much fun after that. After the super late night, we had a lazy Sunday filled with football and TV. Perfect way to end a busy weekend.

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