Friday, September 5, 2014

September Goals

Hello September. I feel like I have been looking forward to this month for a very long time. This month is crazy and last month was crazy. I did not accomplish as much as I had hoped to last month since there was just way too much going on at our house. But, September is here and even though we will be busy I need to get a few items done this month.

First let's take a look at August.

Nightly Projects.  My goal was to accomplish something pre-determined each night after work. I actually did a lot better at this than I thought I would. I am definitely going to continue to have some mini-goal each night.
Exercise More. Yeah...We're going to skip this one.
Take a Detox Bath. I ordered some epsom salt from amazon and followed this detox bath recipe. I want to try this again because it did not work the best for me, but I could tell it was doing something.
Finish Photography Class. I continued to work on this, but I did not finish any course. Slowly, but surely!
Start a Personal Journal. I definitely started my journal, but I only really wrote in it once. I still need to find my groove for this.

Gather Items for Garage Sale. I am hosting a garage sale with some of my friends/coworkers in October and I really need to start figuring out what we are selling. The date is quickly approaching!
Start Working On Address Book I am hoping to actually send out Christmas cards this year so I need to start gathering information on who and where to send these cards.
Go through Three Spaces to get rid of Clutter. This kinda goes with the Garage sale piece, but I think it is more than that. Making sure I actually go through different parts of my house is necessary.
Send Out a Care Package. I have been thinking about doing this, but keep forgetting. Hopefully I will actually do it this month.
Spend One Night a Week Organizing Pictures. Have I ever told you how many pictures I have on my computer? Well it is far too many. I have so many duplicates of pictures that are taking up space on my hard drive. Spending a little time here and there will hopefully make this process a little less overwhelming.
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