Thursday, September 4, 2014

Minnesota State Fair

The great Minnesota get together! I am mildly obsessed with the State Fair. When we lived in Minnesota, Richard and I made a point to go every year-we only missed one while we lived there. Moving away and not being able to go was tough. I would hear about and see people going and it made me so sad. I was so excited when I found out I was going to be able to go this year. Even if Richard could not come with.

If you have never been to the Minnesota State Fair here is why it amazing. It is a place where you can walk around and see animals (including babies), eat a bunch of fried food where it is a tradition to serve things "on a stick" and of course seeing all the different sights. Most people go for the yummy delicious food. There is so much food offered there that you cannot go wrong.

I went with my two sisters, my brother-in-law, my nephew and my sister's friend and her family.

^^Baby piggies! So cute!^^

^^So many people! They actually broke a record on the day I went. There was a little more than 250,000 people there on Saturday. It was crazy, but so much fun! I should have taken a picture of the line for cheese curds. It was ridiculous, but being small has its advantages. My little sister and I were able to make it to the front of the line much faster than the boys in our group so we bought their cheese curds for them.^^

^^The giant slide. I actually went down it this year and you go much faster than it looks.^^

^^Hawaiian Ice. One of the things I always get when I go.^^

^^Baby D actually fell asleep in the stroller. It was a miracle!^^

^^My brother-in-law and my two sisters.^^

^^My little sister insisted that we go sing karaoke. They had about 20 microphones in the ground that you could just walk up to and sing the song that was playing. We had fun singing a few songs.^^

^^His dad was so proud of him sitting in that tractor.^^

^^Again, there were crazy crowds. This picture does not do justice to the sea of people.^^

^^Richard and I's traditional caricature! I was able to have the artist draw him from a picture and I asked him to put him reading the book. He was hesitant to draw it at first, but I convinced him. So glad I did because Richard loves it.^^

^^The best part of the fair, Sweet Martha's Cookies! It is always the last thing I do before I leave the fair. You get an overfilled bucket of cookies that are freshly baked and straight out of the oven. We stood in the super crowded line for about 45 minutes before we got cookies. Worth every minute. There were also some crazy girls standing next to us that were not happy with us. They were a bit over dramatic.^^

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  1. Oh my gosh!! That looks like seriously the best fair ever! I love all your pictures, by the way- you captured the fair perfectly :) I officially want a bucket of those cookies sent to my house, lol!!!


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