Friday, September 12, 2014

Five On Friday

It has been a while since I have done a Friday post, but I figured that since I have not posted all week I may as well. This week went by quickly and for no real reason at all I did not blog. I just did not think about it. Whoops. Anywho, here are my Five on Friday.

Richard is done with his first set of comps! As long as he passes, which we are hoping he does, he will not have to take comps again until the first week in December. We will find out result within the next two weeks and we are both anxious to find out. Once we know it will hopefully be a huge weight lifted off his shoulders.
His first day of his third year in his program
Since Richard is done with comps, I surprised him with tickets to go see Eric Church last night. It was a super last minute decision which is something I don't usually do, but I knew he would love it and he did. He had so much fun and I am glad that my coworker told me about the concert.

I will be headed back home a week from today. It will be a quick weekend, but I expect it will be a ton of fun. My cousin is getting married and I just know the wedding will be a blast! There will not be much time for anything else and that is just fine with me!

I started to go through a bunch of our stuff last weekend and I am excited that I am moving towards getting our house completely cleared out. That garage sale will be here soon enough so I need to keep preparing!

This weekend is looking to be quite busy and I have back to back things going on Saturday. Should be fun though so I am pretty excited. Also, I am getting a long overdue haircut. I can't wait for my hair to feel less damaged.
My hair is super long...definitely needs to be cut!

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