Monday, September 15, 2014

Company Picnic

This weekend was the annual picnic for my work. Every year they have a carnival of sorts with food and many activities that are all free. My husband was out of town for the second year in a row, so I went with my friend Kristen and her family. I was basically 5th wheel to their family and did not care one bit. Her kids are so cute so I love hanging out with them.

The weather ended up being pretty gloomy and chilly. Since it was in the morning, I figured it would warm up. No, it did not. I wish I would have put on a sweatshirt, but it was definitely not what I was expecting for the day. Very unusual for this time of year.

The activities are geared mainly towards kids so there was not much for me to do other than eat, but I still enjoyed watching Kristen's kids have fun. One thing that is always enjoyable is watching the K9 demonstration. I know these police officers pretty well from work so it is fun to see them do this demo.
Kristen and I took a picture with her little man and re-did the same picture from last year. He is so big now! Also, I think this is my favorite picture that we have taken yet. Love it.
They both really loved this inflatable space and little man could actually go on this one. He was so happy and excited by it. Sweetest thing ever. Also, I love that both of these guys have seen me enough now that they are completely warmed up to me now. Makes things so much more fun.
The rest of the weekend was spent being lazy and hanging out with people when I probably should have been getting stuff done. Guess that means I will be working extra hard this week to prepare for going back to Minnesota for the weekend! So excited!
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