Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cousin Wedding

I love weddings. Seriously love them. Especially the ones within my family. My family is always a lot of fun so the weddings are even better. Last weekend I went to my cousin's wedding. I had been looking forward to it for some time and it did not disappoint. I had so much fun there and I can't even explain why. It just feels so good to be back in Minnesota surrounded by your family and feel so comfortable with all of them. Amazing.

So of course I took a million pictures. And I want to share them all. So here we go.
^^ I had to take some pictures with my sweet little nephew^^
^^Me and my sisters with our husbands/boyfriends^^
^^Add in my dad and my nephew. Love this pic.^^
^^My sisters and their men.^^
^^Most of my cousins and their significant others. There are 19 of us grandkids so there are a lot of husbands/wives/girlfriends/boyfriends in this pic!^^
^^All of my "blood" cousins (plus the bride). Only missing two immediate cousins!^^
^^Photobooth fun! My nephew does not look exactly happy haha^^
^^The Bride & Groom!! I am so glad we got to know them better when they came to visit us for Mardi Gras! So fun!^^
^^"Wheeeere's D?" "There he is!"^^
^^Mirror pic with my little sister...I got a little excited to do a mirror pic. And picture with one of my cousins!^^

I think the pictures really show how much fun we had! I love my family and I love that we all grew up together. Makes weddings like these when we are all together again so much fun!

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Cars- Old & New

Last week was crazy. We were in Minnesota last weekend with Monday off and coming back from a trip like that always makes my week feel hectic. To add to the crazy, our car, a Ford Focus, decided to break down while Richard was driving it to work Wednesday morning. So I had to leave work to go pick him up on the side of the interstate (scary) so that we could drive to buy a new battery so we could get the car up and running to drive it to the nearest repair shop to replace the alternator.

Then we had a long talk about finally saying good bye to the Focus. We bought that car not too long before we got married and we have put a lot of miles on the car. We knew when we bought that car it would not last us all that long, but we did not pay a whole lot for it so it was good enough to get us by. We finally decided to bite the bullet and get a new-ish car instead of continuing to throw money into a car that was going to die.
So we went car shopping. We learned some valuable lessons while car shopping too. First, car salesman are really shady. We started out looking at new 2014 Hyundai Elantras. Their sticker price was much higher than we wanted to go so we negotiated a bit and they still would not come down so the guy suggested we look at used. So he brought in a 2013 Hyundai Elantra for us to look at. We were not convinced that it was a good price, so he started throwing numbers at us. This is where we learned our second lesson, Don't trust their numbers. We were told during negotiations that certain things would be included and we were under the impression that it was included in the price of the car, not an additional add on expense. So the car ended up being that much more expensive than we were hoping, but at the end of the day we got a nice car that will last us a long time.
They included a trade in with our Focus as part of the deal and we knew that it would be much harder to sell that car on our own so we were happy with that piece. We also had them add leather and heated seats to the car without any additional expense on our part since that was one of the features we liked in the new cars. My favorite feature of the car is the built in music capabilities and that you can stream music from your phone. I have that feature in the car I drive (a Jeep) so it was always annoying not to have in the car we drive the most often.
We woke up Saturday morning and Richard was outside messing with the new car, so I decided to join him and clean up the Jeep a bit. That car was full of a bunch of crap, mostly because my husband took stuff from his car and threw it in mine. Also, I had some blankets and baskets from a newborn session I did back in April. Pathetic I know.
Once we had all the crap cleaned out and brought in the house, we decided to go take it to get a car wash and vacuum it out. There is a place called RocketFast Car Wash by us where you can get a car wash and then you get to use their vacuums for as long as you need. So together we went and washed the car, vacuumed it out and used Clorox wipes on every surface that could be cleaned. We actually had to go through the car wash twice because there was nasty black sap from the Pecan tress at work all over every inch of the Jeep. No matter where you park you are always under a pecan tree.
P.S. Don't mind my hair or my horrible shirt. It was laundry day so I did not have many options.
Once we were all done my car was sparkling clean and the only things left in the back were some chairs and some car supplies. Considering we don't have a garage, I would say it is pretty empty compared to where it was before.
That is the story of how we started the week with two disgusting cars and ended it with a new car and a clean car.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Auntie, Again

Last week my sister announced that she is expecting baby number 2! I am super excited about this and already making plans to see that sweet baby! When I went with my family to St. Louis, we took these pictures for her announcement. My sweet nephew is so cute in these pictures. Love that boy. Enjoy!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Company Picnic

This weekend was the annual picnic for my work. Every year they have a carnival of sorts with food and many activities that are all free. My husband was out of town for the second year in a row, so I went with my friend Kristen and her family. I was basically 5th wheel to their family and did not care one bit. Her kids are so cute so I love hanging out with them.

The weather ended up being pretty gloomy and chilly. Since it was in the morning, I figured it would warm up. No, it did not. I wish I would have put on a sweatshirt, but it was definitely not what I was expecting for the day. Very unusual for this time of year.

The activities are geared mainly towards kids so there was not much for me to do other than eat, but I still enjoyed watching Kristen's kids have fun. One thing that is always enjoyable is watching the K9 demonstration. I know these police officers pretty well from work so it is fun to see them do this demo.
Kristen and I took a picture with her little man and re-did the same picture from last year. He is so big now! Also, I think this is my favorite picture that we have taken yet. Love it.
They both really loved this inflatable space and little man could actually go on this one. He was so happy and excited by it. Sweetest thing ever. Also, I love that both of these guys have seen me enough now that they are completely warmed up to me now. Makes things so much more fun.
The rest of the weekend was spent being lazy and hanging out with people when I probably should have been getting stuff done. Guess that means I will be working extra hard this week to prepare for going back to Minnesota for the weekend! So excited!
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