Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wedding Week: Reception

Today is all about the reception. After the ceremony, we had a receiving line and then went to take a few picture for about an hour (we took most of our pictures before the ceremony). We started the reception by having the bridal party walk in to the dance floor and having the DJ announce us. We then went straight to cake cutting.

The bridal party sat at the head table. Dinner was served and while everyone ate we had a slideshow of pictures of Richard and I. It started with us as kids and moved into us together while we dated. After dinner we had speeches. My sister gave one as the matron of honor and Richard's brother gave the other as the best man. Also, my dad and Richard's mom gave speeches.

We had a photobooth that I will talk about later. Our first dance was to Just by Being You by Steel Magnolia. Then of course we did father daughter dance to Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. We also had a mother son dance to I See Me by Travis Tritt.

To start the dancing, my sisters made up a dance to the cotton-eyed joe. We made it easy on purpose because during specific parts of the song we would go out in the crowd and grab someone and bring them on the dance floor. So we started small and it got to be a pretty big group. {Videos at the bottom}

^^Anna is really excited to go grab someone.^^

Then all the dancing began! We had a DJ and we danced the night away. I think it was about 4 hours of dancing and we still had a pretty good crowd at midnight! I distinctly remember those who stayed until midnight and dancing with them to what we knew was the last song. So fun.

^^Richard's little brother went a little crazy.^^

^^A group shot of *most* of my cousins on my dad's side. We are missing at least 5 cousins and most of the husbands/wives. 19 grandkids in all.^^

I do regret not asking someone to video tape the entire dance that we made up together. Luckily, my sister asked one of her friends to tape it. So I stole these from her. (Thanks Kelly!) I doubt anyone cares but me and that is just fine. P.s. It takes a a bit to get it toether in the first video. Also, my dad steals Kelly at the end of the second video.

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