Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wedding Week: Photo Guest Book

I am picture obsessed, You probably know this about me. So of course we wanted to rent a photobooth for our wedding. I think everyone should do something like this at their wedding because it is so much fun to look back at the pictures. Our photobooth printed out two strips for every person who went in-one they could keep and one to put in our guestbook. I made a bunch of blank scrapbook pages with a spot for the photo strip along with a small box for people to write in. I loved that we did our guestbook this way. On your wedding day it is impossible to get a picture of every one who is there so by having a photo guest book we get to see most of the people who came to celebrate with us. We also have an amazing keepsake that we can go back and look through whenever we feel the urge.

This post will probably end up being more for me and other people who attended the wedding, but that is alright with me. People had so much fun with our photobooth and props. Many people would go in multiple times. Some of my sisters friends have a photo strip every other page. Since I failed at sharing these when we actually got married, here are some of the pictures from the book. Love, love, love. P.S. I apologize if you are pictured with someone that you either broke up with or don't speak to any more. A lot can happen in three years. Also, these are pictures of a picture so the quality is not great and you can see my carpet peaking through at times.

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