Friday, August 8, 2014

Wedding Week: Honeymoon

I gave Richard the task of planning our honeymoon. He decided that meant he was not going to tell me what we were doing until only a few days before the wedding. We ended up going to Riviera Maya Mexico to an all inclusive resort. I loved the all inclusive aspect because we did not have to stress about how much we were spending on food and drinks. Speaking of drinks-all drinks even ones with alcohol were included. It was fantastic.

^^We flew first class on the way to Mexico so we got free breakfast and drinks.^^

^^Our view from our room!^^

^^We went shopping in Playa Del Carmen one night. We took a bus there with a tour guide.^^

^^Of course we bought too much. We were on our honeymoon.^^

^^One of our excursions was to go swim with dolphins!!!  This one was my favorite.^^

^^I got a lot more air than Richard did.^^

^^Where we spent the majority of our time. Laying by the pool with our fruity drinks. Gorgeous.^^

^^Our view for our special honeymoon dinner that was a perk from our resort.^^

^^One of our days was spent on a day long tour where we got to see Mayan ruins, swim in an underground river and zipline.^^

^^Mayan Ruins^^

^^Swimming in an underground river. The water was so cold! But the experience was pretty cool. We had snorkel gear so we could see all the cave formations.^^


^^We then repelled off a large structure.^^

^^If I look terrified it is because I was. Something about being up that high and the only safety I had was my own strength.^^
So many pictures, but that is a weeks vacation in one post. We had a blast on our honeymoon and it makes me want to do it all over again. Although Richard would want to stay at a different resort with better food options.
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