Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Week: Details

Today is officially three years since we got married! Yay for us! Today we are celebrating by talking about all the details from our wedding.

Ahh the small details that go into a wedding. You never realize how many small things there are until you are in the middle of it. Our wedding was before Pinterest became popular so finding good ideas was incredibly hard. It is funny to me that some of this stuff already looks dated and it is only three years later. Pinterest definitely changed the wedding industry a whole lot.

Wedding Programs
Since we had an outdoor ceremony, I thought it would be fun to make our programs double as a fan for people to use while they sat. I used a paper card found at Archiver's (a local paper store in Minnesota that closed). Basically it was a blank 5x7 card that I then used the computer to design and print directly onto the card. Then we used a giant popsicle stick and double sided tape on the inside of the card to secure the popsicle stick and to glue it shut. Super easy. We then put out a basket for all of the programs.

Our centerpieces had a few different pieces to them. First, the mirror that came from our caterer and the flower petals that came from our florist.

We decided to have cupcakes for the majority of our guests instead of wedding cake. We got our cupcakes from a local grocery store bakery and the baker suggested that we turn them into center pieces to make them do double duty to save money. Genius. She designed them for us and did a fantastic job.

To hold the cupcakes we decided to go with a cake stand to add height. If you try to find cake stands they range from $25-$30 a piece and since we needed 25 of them that was not going to work so well. So I decided to make the cake stands myself. I used a glass plate and a glass candlestick. I used clear caulk (the kind you use for around a bathtub) and caulked the candlestick to the bottom of the plate. I found both the candlesticks and the plates online from the dollar tree and they delivered it to the store for pick up. I had to buy them in quantities of 12 so I bought 36 of each. So the total cost for each cake stand was around $2. That is a pretty big difference in price that was totally worth the time. My mom actually made most of them since she was out from work for medical leave and had time to help.

In the middle of the cupcakes, Richard's mom volunteered to make something fun to add height to the table. She did that mostly on her own with help from friends so I don't know the whole process. From what I remember, she used a wine cork in the middle and added wire to the top with some fun beads in the purple and silver color range. She then attached the cork to a cd so that it would not tip over. While the cupcakes were there you could not see the cd so it worked out.

Then came my favorite part. I used this tutorial to make paper "lanterns" for the tables. This was the easiest way to give people information that they needed for the night. One of the sides of the lantern had information about the photobooth and photo guest book. It told our guests what we wanted them to do with their picture and also when the photobooth would be available. The other three sides had what I called "The Story of Us." It had an explanation that on each of the tables there was a different "story" about something in our relationship that was unique and was fun to share. Some of the stories were places we have traveled, where we met, how Richard proposed, Prom, dates, traditions, funny stories, etc. Each story had a picture to go along with it. We heard from some of our guest that they went around to each table to read all of the different stories. I loved it. (By the way it bothers me so much that the green area in this picture is crooked. Need. To. Fix.)

Place Cards
We needed place cards for all of our guests since we had a seated dinner with different options so we needed a way to let the caterers know who had which meal. We did not have assigned seating so people would grab their place card and set it at their spot at the table of their choosing. I made tissue paper flowers with a name tag as the place card. I made them by cutting circles out of tissue paper and then used floral wire wrapped with green floral tape for the stem. Using the wire, I pierced the paper in two spots and wrapped the wire through and then bunched the tissue paper around the center. I had 3 different flower options for the meal choices. The first is pictured here which is a white flower with a purple outline. To make the outline I colored the edges of my circles before bunching the paper. The other colors were solid purple and silver. For their names, I cut out rectangles from paper and then printed on oval stickers to add the sticker to the rectangles. Then I just slipped the paper on the stem so that it was easy to read. They look really messy in this picture, but that is because people started to go through them. It gives you an idea of what they all looked like.

We made our invitations using this tutorial except we changed a few things. Basically all we had to do was print on the silver paper, attach it to the purple paper, round to corners, punch holes for the ribbon and attach the ribbon. We also had a small postcard that was our response card and directions and hotel information that was included in the invitation.

Other details:
-We made our save the date using this tutorial. I found this picture of it in an email. This was just a mock up and we used light purple paper instead of white, but its as close as I can get right now.
-I made a coloring book of wedding coloring pages for the few children we did have at our wedding.
-We had a small wedding cake that was only big enough for the bridal party and our immediate family. I had to convince the baker to let us use her cake because she was worried about liability since we had cupcakes. Luckily, I actually tutored her daughter at my job so she knew me and she eventually let us order a cake from her. Good thing because that cake was delicious.
- The ceiling drapery was something we also had to find a vendor for. We loved how much it changed the space and made it look more like a wedding and less like a business.

Coming up tomorrow- Photo guestbook information!

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