Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Washington, DC

For the rest of our DC trip we pretty much just explored everything we could. By the end of the trip we knew our way around town pretty well and even started day dreaming about moving there. I'm telling you, we love DC! 

One of the days we made time to go see the air and space museum. Richard loved it and read everything he could. I mostly just watched him read- like I said I am not a museum person. We spent the rest of that day meeting up with people Richard knows and then going to dinner with some other people. I actually really enjoyed watching Richard in his element surrounded by people in his same field. 

We had another day of exploring that started out with breakfast at Lincoln's waffle house.
We then started walking towards the mall area where everything is located. I tried to talk Richard into renting bikes so that we could bike and see things. We stopped at two different bikes stands before I finally talked him into renting bikes. I am so glad that he gave in because this was my absolute favorite thing we did and Richard said it was too after the fact. Highly recommend renting bikes if you ever go to DC.

We started biking by the Smithsonian Castle, went towards the Washington Monument, around the Tidal Basin (which is a lake of sorts), stopped at the Jefferson Memorial and headed back to the Washington Monument. That loop is about a 4 mile bike ride.
^^Jefferson Memorial^^

^^Jefferson Memorial up close^^
Once we got back to the Washington Monument we decided to take a break from biking for a bit and cool down. We headed towards the Washington Monument since we had yet to see it up close. We were standing at the base of it looking to see if we could get tickets to actually go to the top of the monument. Turns out they were sold out for the day. All of a sudden, an older woman walks up to us and asks us if were interested in going to the top. We said we were, but were not sure about price. She said they were free, but they were sold out until September. All of a sudden she is offering us tickets that she had and we were totally confused by the whole conversation. But we gladly accepted the tickets to go up right then and there.
When you get to the top of the monument, you can see everything! It was pretty cool to be able to see all the place we had visited so far from the top of the monument. I took these pictures from the windows so they are not the best quality, but I did label them so you can see what it all looked like.

^^This was the loop we had just made on our bikes.^^

When we got to them bottom we decided to continue with our bike trip and head towards the Capitol. It was a longer ride than it looked like it would be, but it was worth it.
^^Lincoln Memorial again^^
^^United States Capitol^^

^^Love, love, love this picture!^^

We then went to dinner close by and waited until they had Jazz music in the sculpture garden park. We sat around this little pool where we could soak our feet and listen to jazz music.

I have so many more pictures, but I think this is good enough. The rest of the trip consisted of studying, admiring architecture, meeting up with Richard's committee (the one we came to DC for) for food and drinks, food trucks, shopping, and more studying. Our trip to DC was so much fun and I am so happy that we were able to make time to visit!

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