Monday, August 25, 2014

Two Years

Today officially marks two years since Richard and I packed up all most of our belongings and moved to Louisiana. A lot can change in two years. It is so crazy to me to think about it. Even if we moved back to Minnesota things would be so different. That is hard to think about.

Two years ago my dad still lived in the house that I grew up in. Now it belongs to someone else and I never really got to say goodbye.

Two years ago I was not an Aunt. Now my sweet little nephew is here and of course I love him to death. I have never known what it is like to live down the street from them.

Two years ago we were the only one of our friends who were married and owned a house. We now have friends who have got married and/or bought a house. So many backyards to have a bonfire that we have yet to experience.

Two years ago Richard's little brothers were still little. Now his oldest younger brother (confused yet?) has graduated high school and is off to college. And his youngest two brothers are now 7 and 9! They sure grow up fast.

Two years ago we were still in the "honeymoon" phase of our marriage. Now we have been married for three years. While that is still young, I no longer feel like we are newly married.

Two years ago my mom was still alive. That is the hardest one to say. Two years ago I got to see my mom whenever I felt like it.

Two years ago we lived in our own home. While we still own that house, we now live in an apartment which is no where near the same thing.

Two years ago I had never lived more than 30 minutes away from where I was born. I had moved a few times but nothing major.

Two years ago the majority of the people in my life I had known since at least high school and most of them even longer than that. Now I meet someone new almost everyday. The number of people I have met in the last two years is probably more than I personally knew before moving.

Two years ago I was afraid of change. Now I am excited for what lies ahead.

You learn so much about yourself and about life when you pick up your entire life and move across the country. I have learned the type of people that I get along with best. I have learned that real, true friends are hard to find and I am lucky to have many special friends in my life. I have learned that I need a large city full of options for me to enjoy. I have learned that living in a small town is not something I will ever want to do. I have learned that living somewhere where it is warmish year round is not all that its cracked up to be.

Richard and I were talking not too long ago about how our lives would have been different had he gone to school in Minnesota. To be honest, I would not choose that now that I have moved away. I am grateful for this move that forced me out of my comfort zone. It makes you appreciate things in life that you never could before. Yes, I miss my friends and my family, but every time I get to see them it is like nothing has changed and no time has passed.

When I sit and reflect on how different I am from two years ago it completely amazes me. Having met so many people in such a short amount of time, I have been forced to no longer be quiet. While I am still quiet most of the time, I am also a million times better at engaging in a conversation with someone I just met. I have even grown to enjoy getting to meet new people and learn about who they are and where they come from. Before the thought of meeting someone new scared me so much that I never wanted to be in a situation where that would happen. Now, I love it. Depending on the situation, I can be more or less outgoing, but usually if Richard is there with me I am much better at being less shy.

Since another big move is in our future, knowing how much I have learned in the last two years makes me excited for where we may end up next. It is an adventure and I am happy to see where life takes us!

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