Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August's Past

Another month has passed and it is time for what I was up to the four years before the blog!

August 2009
-Richard and I both won tickets to go to WE Fest. WE Fest is a big country concert where you spend a weekend camping and attending a bunch of different concerts. They had some pretty big names that year, my favorite being Taylor Swift. I am slightly obsessed with her, even now. We had some bad weather while we were there, but the rain did not get us down! Also, my husband can fall asleep anywhere.
-We attended a wedding for my cousin. It was amazing and gorgeous!
-We went with some of Richard's friends to the State Fair. We had started a tradition in 2008 that every year we go to the fair we get a caricature, so we got another one in 2009.

August 2010
-We spent a lot of time with Richard's brothers while his dad was still in the hospital.
-Richard and one of his brothers decided to cook something up one of the days.
-We also took them to see Despicable Me in 3D.
-We went to the State Fair yet again. Love that place.
We also followed tradition and got another caricature. We were talking the the artist about how most people think I am way younger than I look. So he added the license to the bottom of that picture.

August 2011
-We celebrated our wedding with our closest friends and family. Since I just wrote about it no pictures here.
-The day before the wedding, I went with my bridesmaids and my mom to go get pedicures and manicures. Then I went with my friends to Pardon My French for some dessert. Then we held our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
-We also went on our honeymoon. Head over there for pictures.

August 2012
-This month was our last month in Minnesota so it was a really busy month!
-We started by having a going away pool party at my Aunt and Uncle's house. I only have one picture of the whole thing which I am sad about. After that, I went with some friends out to dinner.
-I attended my good friend's bridal shower/ tea party!
-Richard and I celebrated our one year anniversary with dinner, mini-golf and shakes.
-We threw a baby shower for my sister! I had a lot of fun planning this one.
-We went to comedy sports with some friends as a way to say goodbye.
-I had my last day working two different jobs. One of my jobs I tutored math to 2nd through 12th grade and on my last day they decorated the center for me. I miss both of those jobs so much.
-We went to the State Fair for the last time with Richard's family, my dad, my sister and my sister's boyfriend.
And of course our caricature!
-Lastly, we moved to Louisiana! Two years ago on Monday.

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