Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekend Update | Mini-Golf

Today is Tuesday. I usually do my weekend updates on Mondays but I had a rough start to my week. Which included waking up tired, my brain not functioning, losing my phone and getting ready to turn onto the interstate when I was informed I had a flat tire. Awesome. So I was not prepared to write a blog post yet.

On Friday, Richard decided that we needed some quality time together. He looked up something for us to do and landed on going mini golfing, which is something we have always loved doing together. We had yet to go to the only course nearby so it was fun to see what they had. The course was actually pretty fun and since it looked like it was going to rain it was not too busy. It was a little wet from recent rain but other than that we had a good time.
I asked my husband to take some pictures and this is what he gives me.
On Saturday, I went to my first ever sewing class! I want to learn how to sew big projects so this was my first step. We made a skirt and the class lasted about 4 and a half hours so it was crazy. And it was over lunch so I did not eat until like 3 in the afternoon and I was so hungry. Food never tasted so good. But I learned a lot so we will see if I can recreate it. Funny story about that morning. The class started at 10:30 and it was going to be a half hour drive. I kept thinking I was leaving at 10:30 and it finally occurred to me at 9:55 that I needed to be leaving in 5 minutes. Richard was still sleeping and I have never seen him move quicker to get out the door than that morning. Sorry about the bathroom work pics. It was all I could get.
On Sunday, I celebrated with a sweet four year old for her birthday. My friend Kristen held a party for her daughter that included a giant water slide. I think the adults at the party had more fun than the kids.
So that was our fun filled weekend! I am hoping this week goes by quick and hopefully I can get that tire fixed soon...It is on my list.

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