Thursday, July 17, 2014

Six Flags St Louis

This past weekend was going to be tough. With the one year anniversary, we knew it would be tough. But we decided that instead of focusing on the sad we wanted to focus on the happy. That happy was spending quality time with family, doing one of the things we love most--an amusement park.

I met my family in St Louis for the weekend so that we could go to Six Flags together. They had a main park and a water park all within the same area. We split time over two and a half days between the two parks.

Since there was six of us (dad, me, two sisters, sister's husband and nephew), we did not have a car big enough to fit us all. So we parked one of our cars nearby and then all of us squished into one car. I sat on the floor hidden behind my nephew's car seat so that we did not get in trouble by six flags for having too many people in a car.
Once we got in the park, we did what most people would do, ride the rides. They have a lot of different roller coasters that are always our favorite part. We took baby D to the little kid area where he was able to go on rides by himself and he went on a few with us.
My little sister and I stayed at the park while everyone else left so the baby could nap. We rode on the log flume together and another roller coaster that was so jerky it made us both sick. We ended up sitting in the air conditioning for over an our until we felt fine again.
When the family returned we went on a few more rides together and of course took a group selfie.
We spent the next day mostly at the water park. The lines for the fun slides got long pretty quick so we did not get to go on too many rides. My dad, my little sister and I ended up going again on a different day and the lines were way shorter so we could go on everything we missed from the day previous.
This sweet little baby has my heart. He is so stinking cute. We would be walking around with him in the stroller and he would call out "shesha" (which is my name) at random just so that I would respond. Adorable.
And just because this is too adorable not to share, here is a video of the little guy. I was playing with his stuffed animal and he thought it was hilarious.

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  1. That sounds like a really fun family outing! I haven't been to a Six Flags in forever!


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