Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July

Three day weekends are the best. We were able to enjoy all of the festivities of the Fourth of July on Friday and had the rest of the weekend to be productive.
We were invited over to a friend's house to hang out and grill. They had set up a slip and slide and the boys had some fun with that. Paisley tried to get in on that action a little too.
We had a lot of water balloons that would take hours to fill and about 5 minutes to throw.
We even organized a game of wiffle ball which was pretty fun.
The boys then decided to blow up the pool to cool off which they ended up turning into a giant bubble bath. They hung out there for a few hours.
When they were done with the pool they decided to turn the pool into a bobsled and slide down the slip and slide.

Here are some stills from the video.
Once it got dark, we started with fireworks. Frieworks at home freak me out a little so I stayed my distance while they did those. I did however participate in the sparklers.
The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed. I did convince my husband to go through his clothing and books to get rid of a bunch of stuff. We found 91 items which means I only need 9 more to complete my goal of 100 this month!
I also got to do a quick face time with my nephew. He was so cute and I would make faces at him and he would try and copy my face and laugh with me. Adorable. I get to see that sweet face in person in less than 5 days.

We had a pretty good weekend and I have to say this is the first year we did not go to see fireworks which makes me sad. Maybe next year.
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