Thursday, July 31, 2014

Organizing Files

Over the weekend, I decided to organize our file system. Originally I thought I wanted to use binders for our documents, but that sounded like a system that was too difficult to keep up with. So I decided to go and purchase some colorful hanging folders from Walmart. It was only like $5 for a pack of 25 folders so that was doable.

Then came the hard part. I took our current system and went through all the paperwork that we had kept through the years. Most of it was since we got married, but there was still some from when we were in high school. I found some information on what to keep/throw away when it comes to important documents.We followed the following rules for how long to keep documents. This information can be found here.
-Bank Statements: Keep for one year.
-Important Documents: Such as marriage license, social security cards, passports, etc. Keep Forever.
-Credit Card Records: Keep until paid.
-Home Purchase and Improvement Records: Keep as long as you own the property.
-Insurance, Car, Home, Life: Keep until you renew.
-Investment Statements: Shred monthly, Keep Annual.
-Tax Records: Keep for 7 years.
-Vehicle Title: Keep until you sell or dispose of car.

Using those rules we were able to get rid of the majority of our paperwork. I always felt like I should keep bank statements and credit card statements, but these days most of that can be found online so there is no reason to keep it.

We also bought a shredder that just sits on top of a garbage can so that we can shred all our documents. It was a cheap little shredder, but it will get done what we need.
Since I had a few different colors to work with, I color coded different categories.
Blue: Banking & Investments. All the statement and important information regarding our different accounts.
Red: House & Auto. Information on our house, rental info, current apartment and auto/home insurance.
Yellow: Medical & Pets. Insurance, medical info and vet visits.
Green: Miscellaneous. Anything else that did not fit in the above categories.
We also have a mail system on our main level for the daily mail that we get. I hate having piles of paperwork everywhere (I blame my dad for that) so I made this system a long time ago. I changed out a few of the folders so that it is more efficient now. We have a "take action" folder where I stash anything that needs to be taken care of. The rest of the folders are for filing or shredding depending on what the mail is. This temporary system works for us because otherwise our paperwork would probably sit around until it came time to file the documents.
This project took me much longer than I had originally anticipated. I am glad that we now have a go-to system that will hopefully keep us organized. There is nothing more frustrating than needing to find a document and having to look through a bunch of paper work before finding it. So far I love it and bright colors makes everything more fun!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Updates | Projects

I am trying out something new where I work on specific projects each night. I am really good at starting projects, but I am not so good at finishing them. Well I am pleased to say that this weekend I finished two whole projects. Yay for me! Since all my husband has time for these days is studying, I have been trying to keep myself busy. So this may not be the most exciting time in my life, but that is alright with me. It is only temporary.

On Friday, I decided to make a dress for a cute little four year old that I know. I was so in the zone that I forgot to take a bunch of pictures so here are a few that you can see. I finished most of it on Friday. Then I had my little model try it on for me so I could make sure it fit and then on Sunday I fixed a few things and it was complete! I don't have a picture of her wearing it, but I will get that eventually.
I spent most of Saturday organizing our file system. I will do a full post on it eventually I think later this week.
Some other things Richard and I did:
-We had to run to his school on Saturday morning so we took advantage of being in the area and going to Dawg House for lunch. So delicious! I mean who wouldn't want a plate of nachos smothered in cheese?
-We booked our flights to head back to Minnesota in September for my cousin's wedding! So excited about that one. I finally got my husband to agree to book tickets. Not that he did not want to go, but he was not sure what his schedule would be.

-We went to dinner Saturday night because we had not gone grocery shopping and had no food in the house. So we went to a local sandwich place together. After that, somehow time got away from us and we ended up staying up late, but I really have no idea how we spent that time.
-We got our flat tire fixed finally. Since my husband was out of town last week this was the first opportunity we had to go get it fixed. I am glad to have a husband who can take care of this stuff because I am useless.

Sunday was spent finishing up my projects and then cleaning and organizing the house. It felt good to be productive again. So hopefully I will be able to get more done with my new system. We will see how that goes.
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

July's Past

Summer in Minnesota is always pretty busy. So this post is filled with a bunch of pictures. You have to fit everything in in the summer since they are the precious few nice days throughout the year.

July 2009
-We brought our sweet Paisley puppy home! She is so cute and tiny in these pictures.
-We celebrated the Fourth of July with a parade with Richard's brothers and some fireworks in Stillwater. That was the only year I did not go to my usual fireworks spot.
-We celebrated Richard's grandma's 70th birthday up in Superior. I had some pretty incriminating photos but I decided to spare him and his cousins. So these of Richard and I are all I will share.
-Richard's dad had major surgery down in Rochester so I went with to help with one of Richard's younger brothers. We had some quality time together.

July 2010
-We celebrated the Fourth of July with two parades. One with Richard's brothers and the other with my family. One of my good friends was in the parade too so I was excited to see her. You can kinda see her in the car below.
-Wedding planning galore included buying my wedding dress and bringing my friend with to see and asking my other friend if she would sing in our wedding.
- We went back up to Superior for an annual golf tournament that Richard's family hosts.
-Richard's dad had some major health complications that led him to be hospitalized for a very long time. I don't want to get into it too much out of respect. Richard and I helped out in the way we could best which was helping with his younger brothers. We spent a lot of time with them doing a lot of kid related things.

July 2011
-With only a month to go before the wedding there was not much going on besides wedding planning and working a ridiculous amount of hours.
-I also had my bachelorette party with my girlfriends. Since two of the six of us were under age, we kept it pretty low key. We went to a nice dinner and then a comedy club, where I got pulled onto stage. Then we went back to my sisters house for food presents and a few games.

July 2012
-We went tubing with my mom since she was a part of a boat rental program.
-We went to Milwaukee with Richard's family to celebrate his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. The boys decided to sit at the bar most of the night where the bartender served them kiddie cocktails. While we were there we also went to the Milwaukee Zoo.
-We went with some friends to a drive in movie theater. At this one you can come early and cook hot dogs and burgers on a small grill and then they show three movies once the sun goes down. Worth every penny.

Whew. If you made it this far you deserve a medal. Gotta love summertime!
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