Monday, June 9, 2014

Operation Move as Little As Possible

This weekend could be described in one word: Efficient. Since getting back from Hawaii motivation has been lacking. I had laundry baskets that were tormenting me to finally take care of them. At least it was clean clothes and not dirty. Stay positive.

We hung out with our friends on Friday and we are coming to the point where most of our friends are getting jobs and moving on. I suppose that is what happens when all your friends come from the same graduate program as your husband. So the whole cohort ahead of him will be moving on with their lives shortly. It makes me sad to think about it so I am not thinking about it.

Instead, we can focus on our time left. All of them leaving reminded me that we have a very short amount of time left here in Louisiana. We have no idea when we will actually be leaving, but it will probably be less than a year. And hopefully not even that long. We really have no idea.

But since a move is definitely in our future, I have started thinking about getting rid of a bunch of stuff in our house. When we moved to Louisiana, we hired movers and they took all our belongs across the country for us. It was amazing although it cost us way more than we anticipated. We ended up moving a bunch of stuff that we did not love. I think it was mainly because I was in denial that we were moving so we did not start packing until like two weeks before our giant move. Ha.

But this time we will be ready because I do not want to spend money moving things that we could really care less about. I mean most of our furniture was given to us when we got married so we are definitely ready to make some purchases of our own. We will be leaving behind the majority of our "big" furniture so that right there will make things easier. However, you never realize how much stuff you own until you have to pack it all into boxes.

So we are in the process of getting rid of things so that we do not have to move a lot of stuff we don't want. This weekend I went through my closet and started getting rid of clothes I don't wear anymore. I made the decision at the beginning that if it did not fit me then I got rid of it. I had a hard time with a few items because they were something that I once loved, but they no longer fit. Especially some jeans that I had in high school. There are just a lot of memories from wearing certain clothing items. But I will never wear them again so I need to say goodbye. And so I did.

I got rid of 11 Jeans, 9 shorts, 12 pants and 19 shirts. I am pretty proud of that number considering I have already cleaned out over 100 items from my closet since we moved here. Now if only I could convince my husband to do the same we would be in business.

So over the next few month I am going to continue to purge our stuff that we no longer care for. It will feel so good to not have so much stuff to pack up and move. Now if only we knew when and where we are moving to I would be a happy camper.

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